Adult Faith Formation

Faith Formation is a lifelong journey; our faith must be nourished and nurtured, formed and informed, enriched and expanded.  One of the most important tasks the Church has is to provide ongoing faith formation for the adults in our community.    As adults, we need to be good role models for our youth so they can see and appreciate that growing in our faith;  If we do not know and understand what we believe and profess, we are unable to speak up for and share our faith with others nor can we take advantage of opportunities to put our faith into action.

 Recent history bears witness that if adults are not well-formed in the Faith, the younger generations will lack formation as well. But with solid and vibrant adult faith formation programs, a personal relationship with Christ is better fostered among parishioners, the Sacraments begin to take on more relevance to everyday life and the motivation to share the Good News with those outside the flock is awakened. From there, the good work of catechizing children by the local parish is more likely to be reinforced by well-formed parents.

Throughout the year St. Patrick Parish offers different programs, lectures and workshops designed to help adults to grow in their faith and deepen their love for God and neighbor.