Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Nov 20, 2014

    On Sunday, November 23rd we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King and the end of the liturgical year, which started when the whole world was waiting for our Savior during Advent.

      We celebrated the birth of the Prince of Peace at Christmas, and watched Him grow and begin His ministry during ordinary time.  He accepted His mission from the Father during Lent and we celebrate His conquering of death on Easter.  We watched and worried as He returned to the Father wondering what would become of us and then He sent His Spirit to be with us for all time.  Now we celebrate His final coming in glory and remember His kingship over all creation.

Next Sunday we begin anew with the First Sunday of Advent.


Jesus Christ our King makes the way of salvation clear to us.


Who would ever plan to build a house without the proper tools?  Who would set out on a journey without directions or a map?  The journey to heaven demands no less.  We have in our faith the tools of love, honor and truth.  We have in the Scriptures the best road map ever printed.  Now all we have to do is stay on the right road which will take us home.

Ezekiel relates God’s message that He looks after His children like a good shepherd who cares for his flock.  In the Gospel Jesus teaches His disciples that He will return in glory to judge all the people of the world.  Those who have shown love to the least of their brothers or sisters will be welcomed into heaven; those who have not done so will suffer eternal punishment.